Sangiovese/Cabernet “Mantello”

Mantello BIGMantello” is a blend of two strong and elegant kind of grapes, Sangiovese and Shiraz.

After a separate fermentation, they are put together to be aged in oak barrels for atleast 6 months, obtaining a perfect balance between the fine aromas of tobacco, spices, vanilla, velvet tannins and blackberry fruits. It results in a full-bodied and wrapping taste which shows the character of this unique Supertuscan wine.

Size: 750mL

Mantello Igt Toscana 2005
Wine Spectator  15 Oct 2008               91/100

Mantello Igt Toscana 2004
Wine Spectator  31 Oct 2007               91/100

Mantello Igt Toscana 2003
Wine Spectator   31 Oct.2006              90/100

Also Labelled 3rd Best Italian Wine by Luca Maroni 2012

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